1. Austin Radcliffe

    Archaeology Brushes Organized Neatly

    Texas, 2010

    One of the best summers of my life. This summer, too.


  2. London—Things Organized Neatly has two events with Tate this week, and they are both FREE!

    Thursday 5 June, Source talk and Q& A (6pm)

    Saturday 7 June, Tate Lab with Things Organized Neatly (11am SOLD OUT)

    Photo credits:
    Yours truly: Austin Radcliffe
    Stylist/Producer: Jessie Cundiff
    Shot at: Studio V Cincinnati



    Kuu Collections and Things Organized Neatly have teamed up for a summer give-away. KUU is an LA-based design & apparel brand, with top-notch taste & quality. All of their exquisite bags & leather goods are made by hand.

    Reblog this image for a chance to win a KUU Toothy Clutch or Toothy Coin Purse, & check out their full collection while you’re at it!

    Contest ends on June 13th, 2014—Friday the 13th. GOOD LUCK!!


  4. This Martin Creed sculpture was on the blog a few months ago. Just a few days later, I encountered the very same artwork, at The Armory Show in New York.

    Martin Creed

    Galleria Lorcan O’Neill Roma

    at The Armory Show 2014.

    Photo from the official instagram.

    (Source: loosetiger)



    A lot of great things are happening for yours truly and Things Organized Neatly. My first ever Tumblr giveaway will be happening soon, and I will also be appearing at the Tate Museum in London this summer!!!!

    Photo by Austin Radcliffe

    (That’s pepper in the top right corner.)


  6. Editor: Here’s an image I shot over the winter, for Telephone Weekly in Dayton, Ohio.


  7. editor’s note: I am happy to be included in the current issue of Telephone, an alternative newspaper in Dayton, OH.
    Telephone: Pick it up!


  8. I am pleased to present the first official Things Organized Neatly t-shirt. Each shirt comes with as many of these tags as you want. 



  9. editor’s note: Sleepy Jones is a brand new company from the people at Partners & Spade. They have sleepwear and underwear for men and women—check it out!

    Photography & styling by Austin Radcliffe


  10. ed: Coming soon to the store!



  12. ed: Here’s an outtake from the Father’s Day photo series that Coach commissioned from me: Foodie Dad.


  13. ed: Another Coach shot, by yours truly and Jon Keown.


  14. ed: My Coach photos are up and running! You can mouse over the different products and check out my latest photo series.