1. Editor: Here’s an image I shot over the winter, for Telephone Weekly in Dayton, Ohio.


  2. editor’s note: I am happy to be included in the current issue of Telephone, an alternative newspaper in Dayton, OH.
    Telephone: Pick it up!


  3. I am pleased to present the first official Things Organized Neatly t-shirt. Each shirt comes with as many of these tags as you want. 



  4. editor’s note: Sleepy Jones is a brand new company from the people at Partners & Spade. They have sleepwear and underwear for men and women—check it out!

    Photography & styling by Austin Radcliffe


  5. ed: Coming soon to the store!



  7. ed: Here’s an outtake from the Father’s Day photo series that Coach commissioned from me: Foodie Dad.


  8. ed: Another Coach shot, by yours truly and Jon Keown.


  9. ed: My Coach photos are up and running! You can mouse over the different products and check out my latest photo series.


  10. ed: Here’s an outtake of me working on the Coach x Things Organized Neatly photo series for father’s day!


  11. ed: Here’s an outtake from today’s shoot for Coach. I’m making a father’s day series for them!


  12. ed: Here’s a proper photo of the chairs I worked on with Tom Sachs’s crew. I sanded and silkscreened these chairs for like 5 days straight.


  13. ed: I was in New York last week, working on Tom Sachs’s latest exhibition, Space Program: MARS, which opened tonight. Sorry for the cell phone quality on this one, but there are more images from that adventure.