1. SUBMISSION: From the series, ‘Found In Nature' by Barry Rosenthal.


  2. manoftheworldmagazine:

    Photography by Matthew Porter; Man of the World / Issue No. 5



  4. jimmstorment:

    Paint…  Philadelphia PA…

    (via nprfreshair)


  5. Richard Long

    Circle of Time Sticks and Circle of Memory Sticks

    Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf, 1995.


  6. selahtime:


    Sam Kaplan

    (Source: samkaplan.com, via tayrene)


  7. SUBMISSION: This is the new design we made for a club night in Tel Aviv titled “FIELD TRIP”, feat. Daniel Avery & Anika.
    Concept and graphics: Spoiled Bastard | Photography: Michael Topyol

    ed: I’d go to that club. I’d wear a real bowtie though. ;)


  8. Here’s a friend I’d like to have — Martin Creed

    (Source: loosetiger)


  9. SUBMISSION: Moment Lens Co.


  10. SUBMISSION: “The Garden Collection” by Emily Blincoe (From: http://www.thesewoods.com/2013/08/the-garden-collection.html)


  11. SUBMISSION - My favourite things are blue by Alexandra Cabrer 


  12. editor’s note: Great to see long-time TON friend, Barry Rosenthal on the cover of National Geographic Brazil! Click his name for some more images from the issue.


  13. Zachary Armstrong Elder-Beerman series

    2014 installation

    part of an exhibition curated by Austin Radcliffe


  14. SUBMISSION: collection of clay tools


  15. NFL Playoffs survival kit