1. From a blog called bad textures, but I think this is a good texture.

    (Source: badtextures)


  2. SUBMISSION: Disassembled electronic connector.  Photo by John Bernardo Photography


  3. Ad campaign for Elite Concepts


  4. SUBMISSION: Ad campaign for Elite Concepts


  5. SUBMISSION: weekly ceramics class tools and a few recent projects.


  6. Eye excision kit for cornea transplant


  7. SUBMISSION: Personal Toy Collection by handsomecal


  8. cesar-on:

    J&J - First Aid Kit -  CCO: David Lubars - SCD/Copywriter: Kara Goodrich - SCD/Art Director: Cesar Finamori - Photographer:Billy Siegrist  - Agency: BBDO-NY - 2012


  9. editor’s note: Process/preview shot from an upcoming Kuu Collections collaboration. Their leather goods will knock your socks off.

    Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY!


  10. stationery-compositions:

    Four set squares, four reels of tape, four stickers.



  12. SUBMISSION: Grampa’s old shells.


  13. Photo by Marshall Troy for Teen Vogue, April 2014


  14. SUBMISSION: Photo by Marshall Troy for Teen Vogue, April 2014


  15. SUBMISSION: Official Patrick Willis uniform going out to set from Sports Studio