1. Pastels at work. 

    ed: Not everything is perfectly placed, but this is beautiful.



  3. SUBMISSION: FROM app l Sooyeon Kim l http://vimeo.com/79044034



    Ezcaray Photo Club new tote



  6. yokoo:



  7. danbigelowphotography:

    Tabasco chili peppers from my garden.  They’re each smaller than your pinkie, but really hot.  Once they ripen, I dry them out and chop them up to put on pizza, pasta, eggs, etc.


  8. SUBMISSION: Essentials in a bagby Say What Studio


  9. 2012 Arbor Axis GT longboard, slide gloves, bearing cleaning bottle, speed cream, pliers, wheels, bear trucks, skate tool, nuts/bolts, bushings

    -Wyatt Dorschutz


  10. MIJLO: Sustainable backpacks, currently live on Kickstarter!


  11. yokoo:

    Foliage 003


  12. life-deconstructed:

    No. 2 Ticonderoga Pencil, Deconstructed


  13. SUBMISSION:  No Shave November beard maintenance tools.


  14. Religion Vs. Politics