Flummox Industries is pleased to offer a screen print that chronicles the storied history of Spatula Korp.  This one of a kind print pays respectful tribute to the company’s world-renowned spatula manufacturing prowess.


  2. SUBMISSION: 16 shades of beach


  3. SUBMISSION: COMUNIZA Back to work!


    Gabriel Orozco — Asterisms


  5. Screenshot from Royal Tenenbaums, by Wes Anderson.


  6. clubmonaco:

    Fall accessories are just another reason we love this season. 

    ed: Club Monaco! You should email me sometime.

    (via whiskeygrade)



  8. SUBMISSION: Bathroom by www.quoteagentleman.com


  9. SUBMISSION: Disassembled second hand chair

    Markos Ioannides



  11. ed: New friend of T.O.N., Jordanna sent me this image all the way from Brazil. She says its colors are inspired by the White Stripes.


  12. AMANDA is MOVING to NYC in a little over three weeks!


    someone HIRE ME.

    (look what i can do)



  13. SUBMISSION: Mirror Event, Oregon State Fair, 2012 . Jamie Newton


  14. Meriç Algün Ringborg, DESTINATION: PERU


  15. jcrew:

    this month, we took to the vibrant streets of Tokyo, Japan. in between
    shots, our crew managed to squeeze in a spot of souvenir shopping…
    Sushi-shaped candy: “I brought these back as a cute gift for my coworkers.
    Love the whimsy and tongue-in-cheek quality they have.
    And, as with…