1. Bill McRight, Untitled, 2012

    (Source: blumandpoe.com)


  2. SUBMISSION: Invitation for the last party of the summer.



  4. SUBMISSION: Some of my sculptures on display.

    (Source: conniealba)



    FT Weekend ‘London Guide’. By Kyle Bean and Victoria Ling.


  6. (Source: Vice Magazine)


  7. SUBMISSION: David Neevel’s propeller art show ingredients.

    3/4 of a mile of electric fencing
    8 computer power supplies
    18 arduinos
    800 zip ties
    500 feet 3-conductor wire
    250 feet 7-conductor wire
    80 dpdt relays
    40 motors
    40 propellers
    some wood.



  8. Rainbow gummy bears.



    A selection of tools used during camera repair. 



    my pencils, the Dalton Brothers


  11. Sub Rosa - wearesubrosa.com


  12. Anonymous asked: Font snob alert!

    ed: I definitely am a font snob.This discussion is over though. My website’s first choice to display is Helvetica, coupled with Georgia (I believe). If your computer has settings to override this, or if you don’t have helvetica, you’ll see a different font. Now, please look at more things organized neatly.


  13. Anonymous asked: Depending on some browsers they tend to not have Helvetica as a web based font because it is not installed as a system font on most computers automatically. The default font family for this is Georgia, Palatino Linotype, Times, Times New Roman. The replacement font that is shown right now is Futura.


  14. SUBMISSION: To the anon who said that the letter edges weren’t straight: I opened up a TextEdit window, and typed “Things Organized Neatly” using Helvetica. This is the result compared to the blog title.


  15. Anonymous asked: Sure looks like Helvetica to me. I think on PCs the default web sans-serif font may be Arial instead.