1. the tools of lucas chen


  2. Michael Johansson, Things Organized Neatly All-Star.


  3. Damián Ortega, Cosmic Thing

    (Source: artruby)


  4. SUBMISSION: A Well Organized Diet


  5. Moog Slim Phatty Analog Synthesizer organized neatly….


  6. SUBMISSION: white little things

    Francesca Pinna


  7. yokoo:

    Not Your Mother’s Pearls, unassembled 



    What Rubbish.

    Glass ‘garbage’ recovered from a defunct NYC landfill, which was capped in the 1950s.


  9. SUBMISSION: soon-to-be-painted sculptures by Hilary Pfeifer. To learn more about where these will end up, visit: http://hilarypfeifer.blogspot.com/2012/08/new-project-for-oregon-state-university.html


  10. Anonymous said: do you post everything that gets submitted

    ed: No way!


  11. SUBMISSION: Day #6 of my “things found in my office that coordinate” series. By Laura Mindorff.


  12. Fashion


  13. Partners & Spade for Warby Parker


  14. prefaces:

    Pascal Broccolichi

    Raccorama, 1998-2009.

    via: blogspot.com


  15. SUBMISSION: A fresh box of peaches from Eastern Washington.