1. polaroidpandawolf asked: I was a little disappointed when I went to see the Mark Wallinger exhibit recently. Not only are there two bricks numbered 27 (something quite a few people have noticed). We also discovered that while the handwriting of the numbers appears to be the same it was done by a team of workers using a sample of Wallinger's handwriting. Sure it's a big task to expect him to do them all himself but he only did about 100 of them. Still it is neatly organised.


  2. Fiona Banner, 1909-2011

    2010, 97 Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft books


  3. http://www.balticmill.com/whats-on/exhibitions/detail/mark-wallinger

    Wallinger turns everyday moments of life into transcendent possibilities, Attempting to systematise nature, the mundane and the abstract, 100000000000000000 2012 catalogues and compares 65,536 stones, each occupying its own square on a gargantuan checkerboard — the simplest binary device for implying order. 


  4. SUBMISSION: The cabinet drawer I work out of, as a furniture upholsterer in the workroom of an interior design company in Maine.


  5. SUBMISSION: Contrastware is inclusive tableware designed with consideration to visually impaired. Design: Sabina Weiss


  6. SUBMISSION: Blueberry Muffin Ingredients


  7. hokaytokay:

    foods that don’t look as delicious as they actually are, leek soup. #ahanda (Taken with Instagram)

    Amanda Jasnowski



    Leeroy New

    Direct From The Studios Of…

    Manila Contemporary


  9. corkgrips:

    weekend sort out




  12. SUBMISSION: Bleacher seats, Mareel, Shetland @jordanogg

    ed: Cool! Awesome seats, and now I know where Shetland is.


  13. wesdelval:

    Look for our Carl Aubock book in October.  Very excited to release it!