2. Interesting layout in Elle.

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  3. ed: Another one from the Ghurka campaign. Beautiful work! 


  4. justtrucks:

    Scania Family Organized Neatly 

    ed: I’ve been drafted to contribute to another great Tumblr, JustTrucks.

    Thanks to supersexylikeherionsweet for the tip.

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  6. SUBMISSION: escape. jordana martini colla.

    ed: This is also a nice fit for my side project, FADIENT.


  7. ed: I get a lot of produce aisle submissions, but this is the most impressive one I’ve seen. Look at that celery grid, bottom left of the photo. And the Z at the top is above and beyond! Bravo, Zupans

    Thanks to Public Planet for the tip.

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  9. SUBMISSION: Tools My Father Gave Me


  10. bluebirdsfloat:

    PETER COFFIN - “Untitled (Champagne Pyramid)” 2010

     Moving, champagne glasses, mixed media / Table, motor, champagne glasses, plywood 

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  11. A Sesame Street Classic, via Mary and Matt.


  12. SUBMISSION: Haberdashery by Espionage www.soespionage.com / Hazardous Taste


  13. SUBMISSION: STACK by A.K.A Wayward (Tools used to build display stand sets for STACK)


  14. SUBMISSION: Shells collected on the coast of Princeville, by Matt Naylor


  15. Ian Pedigo, Facing (North, South, East or West depending on location) is a Totem, a Tomb, 2011

    (Source: mishmish.ws)