1. Nick van Woert

    Arsenal, 2012

    (Source: artsy.net)


  2. pmbrtn:

    Creative Direction by Taylor Pemberton for Wantful. Holiday Magazine, 2012.

    Art Director: Boris Bencic
    Designer: Sean Sutherland
    Photographer: Nicole Franzen

    (via cavalier)


  3. SUBMISSION; RepRap 3D Printer



  5. ed: I love the white lettering on the bag.



  7. editor’s note: I’ve posted this photo on T.O.N. before, but iveseenthat had it at a higher resolution. Everyone should check out Mondo-Blogo as well.



    Europallete by Balzer + Kuwertz


  9. SUBMISSION: Cannoli, Buenos Aires


  10. Goldsmiths tools, Pforzheim Jewellery Museum 


  11. Markéta VuTru / STIIL LIFE (school chalks)


  12. Organized plastics found in albatross stomachs in Hawaii. Educational, and a bit gruesome after 2:00. From the show Message in the Waves, BBC Hawaii.


  13. (Source: whiskeygrade, via canvas-theme)


  14. David Neale, Goldsmith.

    (Source: thegoldensmith.blogspot.com.au)


  15. Vacuum sealed objects by Brad Trommel