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    easy on teeth and gums

    by sebastian jefford

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  2. warbyparker:

    We wish our shelves could hold these 3,500 books! Enclosed Content Chatting Away in the Colour Invisibility by artist Anouk Kruithof.

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  3. gblakeman:

    we expect an email provider like google to block spam for us. why do we not expect the postal service to do the same?


  4. SUBMISSION: Comfy Cargo Chair, 2010, by designer Stephan Schulz (via DesignLocal)


  5. hellobiba:


    Tony Cragg 

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  6. ed: Great submission!


  7. Silk Fragments 7th century to 10th century, China.

    (Source: collections.vam.ac.uk)


  8. SUBMISSION: Pennies



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    Tools, 2008

    Carson Fisk-Vittori


  13. SUBMISSION: Ecological field work equipment for collecting and preserving ants


  14. SUBMISSION: This is my workspace that gives me all the inspiration I need to design.