1. film still from, Everything is Illuminated


  2. SUBMISSION: Things found under the sofa.


  3. GE Poster shot by Ed James for BBDO NY.


  4. SUBMISSION: Disassembly, and sistematic organization of an old, unfunctioning Discman, as a practical assignment for the subject Introduction to Industrial Design of the career Industrial Design - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - Argentina.


  5. Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors Collection

    Photo by Jim Golden, styling by Beverly James Neel


  6. Honey Display at Savannah Bee Company in Savannah GA.


  7. SUBMISSION: MFA Portfolio photography 


  8. SUBMISSION: A ordinary weekend in Berlin


  9. SUBMISSION: My daily mess @blakeoakey


  10. SUBMISSION: The Goodordering multi-purpose bagette bag 


  11. SUBMISSION: jax is four…littlefrills.tumblr.com


  12. (Source: badtextures)


  13. Editor: Here’s an image I shot over the winter, for Telephone Weekly in Dayton, Ohio.


  14. fallontonight:

    Fallon Organized Neatly

    We’ve had a lot of fun over the past few years! Excited to show you what we have in store on The Tonight Show starting February 17th!

    ed: The first week of the new Tonight Show has been pretty dang good! Here’s to a new era.