1. SUBMISSION: My chickens laid their eggs like this the other day…


  2. SUBMISSION: What are little boys made of?



    All the tools necessary for my upcoming art exam.


  4. Markus Schinwald, Skies


  5. evanjed:

    Letterpress printed USPS stickers.

    I think I’m hilarious.




  8. SUBMISSION: A day in San Francisco


  9. (via bbook)


  10. SUBMISSION: preparations for Apple and Leek Soup with Smoked Cheddar



  12. SUBMISSION: the company I keep….


  13. Hot circle…..Hot water bottles by Jasonmade


  14. Brushes, found at a studio in the National Sculpture Factory, Cork, Ireland.


  15. SUBMISSION: Bickel Camp, Mojave Desert, California.