2. SUBMISSION: the company I keep….


  3. Hot circle…..Hot water bottles by Jasonmade


  4. Brushes, found at a studio in the National Sculpture Factory, Cork, Ireland.


  5. SUBMISSION: Bickel Camp, Mojave Desert, California.


  6. SUBMISSION: Parts of a euphonium


  7. SUBMISSION: Toppings



  9. SUBMISSION: yellow on yellow


  10. SUBMISSION: Bicycle Dismantled for Redesign


  11. SUBMISSION: still_life_11_on_assignment


  12. SUBMISSION: still_life_07_rulers


  13. Vassilis Makris, bulbs

    (Source: area39)


  14. Mk2 volkswagen golf


  15. ed: Sorry about that last one, OCDers.

    (Source: mansardroofs, via trebuchers)