1. James Nizam


  2. James Nizam

    (via trebuchers)


  3. SUBMISSION:  trabajo (by frannerd)


  4.  Nils VölkerOne Hundred and Eight. Interactive installation

    ed: For the grid lovers among us.




  7. ed: Spring is here (in the Northern Hemisphere)


  8. SUBMISSION: tools for product designers


  9. SUBMISSION: 99 bottles of beer on the wall

    ed: Someone count these please? My dear readers counted 100 bottles… Better take one down and pass it around…

    (Source: daiseas)


  10. Cutlery prototypes by Dragos Motica

    (Source: stetcobogdan, via interieur)


  11. olympialetan:

    Another one of my grandmother’s treasures, the “average frenchman’s” fake wallet and its fake contents made by my father when he was 10. I will be posting some more detailed pictures of this, it’s my favourite thing ever!


    A fake wallet and its fake contents all hand made and drawn by Pierre Le-Tan at the age of 10.


  12. interieur said: Hi,

    The leather case can be found here : http://www.manufactum.co.uk/Produkt/193718/1443804/Leather-Writing-Case.html



  13. SUBMISSION: Einstein keychains: BFA Exhibition


  14. Anonymous said: Do you know where to get this product?

    ed: No, but I wish someone would send me one in exchange for ad space!


  15. Carl Kleiner for IKEA