1. SUBMISSION: Shells by Stephanie Viets


  2. jefclaes:





  4. SUBMISSION: Fruit Loops by Henry Hargreaves


  5. SUBMISSION: Photography for the artistic production of the h.g. and B performances by theatre company Trickster by CCRZ


  6. SUBMISSION: The entire contents of a box of Lucky Charms.


  7. SUBMISSION: Bottle Caps


  8. Lisa Congdon’s Blue Golf Tees

    (Source: collectionaday2010.blogspot.com)


  9. London—Things Organized Neatly has two events with Tate this week, and they are both FREE!

    Thursday 5 June, Source talk and Q& A (6pm)

    Saturday 7 June, Tate Lab with Things Organized Neatly (11am SOLD OUT)

    Photo credits:
    Yours truly: Austin Radcliffe
    Stylist/Producer: Jessie Cundiff
    Shot at: Studio V Cincinnati


  10. Damien Hirst, Life Without You, 1991.

    editor’s note: I am blogging from Tate in London all this week! Very excited to be a part of their Tate Collectives program this month.

    (Source: tate.org.uk)



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  12. SUBMISSION: materials for diy clay ornament project. by Olivia Kanaley for Minted.


  13. SUBMISSION: Sarah Fagan, Organize III, acrylic on canvas, sarahfagan.com


  14. "Dissociation, 2013" 

    Lindsey Schulz 



  15. stationery-compositions:

    4 fold back clips, 6 bulldog clips, 6 paper clamps.