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    000_ Jef


  2. SUBMISSION:  9 Wrenches, from the series One for sorrow; Two for joy, by Johanna Inman


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    I just finished installing some new work in the Mary Durham Gallery at The Nicolaysen Art Museum in Casper, WY.  The show opens today and will be on view until September 21st.  

    Big thanks to the folks at Nicolaysen Museum and to The Andy Warhol Foundation for sponsoring the show.





  4. SUBMISSION: Shells by Stephanie Viets


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  7. SUBMISSION: Fruit Loops by Henry Hargreaves


  8. SUBMISSION: Photography for the artistic production of the h.g. and B performances by theatre company Trickster by CCRZ


  9. SUBMISSION: The entire contents of a box of Lucky Charms.


  10. SUBMISSION: Bottle Caps


  11. Lisa Congdon’s Blue Golf Tees

    (Source: collectionaday2010.blogspot.com)


  12. London—Things Organized Neatly has two events with Tate this week, and they are both FREE!

    Thursday 5 June, Source talk and Q& A (6pm)

    Saturday 7 June, Tate Lab with Things Organized Neatly (11am SOLD OUT)

    Photo credits:
    Yours truly: Austin Radcliffe
    Stylist/Producer: Jessie Cundiff
    Shot at: Studio V Cincinnati


  13. Damien Hirst, Life Without You, 1991.

    editor’s note: I am blogging from Tate in London all this week! Very excited to be a part of their Tate Collectives program this month.

    (Source: tate.org.uk)



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    Contest ends on June 13th, 2014—Friday the 13th. GOOD LUCK!!


  15. SUBMISSION: materials for diy clay ornament project. by Olivia Kanaley for Minted.