3. Drawn with a black Bic pen, 2011

    by Vivien Roussel



    Peppers grown in San Francisco. Fat Alley


  5. Foam core


  6. SUBMISSION: Having summarized my first week in Munich, I soon discovered why the German flag is coloured the way it is. 


  7. ed: Piter Marx sent this to me. Directed by Kosai Sekine.


  8. SUBMISSION: "Prep World" (Tommy Hilfiger x True Prep)

    ed: This looks really nice. I need a job making photographs like this. Really.



  10. SUBMISSION: vintage camera instruction manuals

    photo by Megan Barron


  11. jordanbutcher:

    My cover art for Bryan John Appleby’s debut full length, Fire On The Vine. Bryan’s been a close friend for many years, and it was honor to package his record. The music is fantastic as well, it’s been on repeat for a long while. This release will be vinyl only, which I back 100 percent.

    ed: Found him!

    (via workofself-deactivated20121102)


  12. whatitladue said: Give credit to the designers!

    ed: I would love to! Let me know whenever there’s something specific to which I can add citation.


  13. SUBMISSION: Bryan John Appleby’s vinyl, came out yesterday.



  15. erasing:

    Ghost II | Michael Johansson

    via kopfdreck

    (via bapteme)