1. ed: Photographer?

    edit: Okay, they’re skates from Urban Outfitters. The skates are nice, but I like the photo better than the skates.

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  2. Anonymous said: must be the ocd in me as well, but that awesome poster from the 60s/70s is also a calendar i just wanted to make sure everyone knows cause its badass...


  3. Jens Mortensen for The New York Times

    Danny Meyer’s empire.


  4. Twig by Pinch Design.

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  9. SUBMISSION: Berns & Black salon & spa. Winnipeg, Manitoba.


  10. SUBMISSION :  my personal businesscard


  11. SUBMISSION: Camp Design Group


  12. harrietlyall said: Hello, do you know if there's anywhere I can get a print of the Melin & Osterlin poster? Love your blog. Thank you! x

    No, it’s vintage! But if we could scan and print it I’d gladly sell it in my store.


  13. SUBMISSION: Umbridge’s Office in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. 


  14. SUBMISSION: Found this very meticulously organized poster from 1960/70’s

    Designed by Melin & Osterlin


  15. One of my entries to the OneLife Competition - SUBMISSION: The Bluffs, Father’s Day 2011. Beachcombing series No.36 

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