1. SUBMISSION: The ingredients to make curry-scented granola. Part of a large cooking project I’ve been working on for about 2.5 years so far. 



    'stuff on my desk right now' - thesvrl


  3. SUBMISSION: Some random white object from my apartment.


  4. dotillus:

    guaraná power corner
    superflex, 2006
    210 bottles, double sided mirrors
    91.5 x 91.5 x 91.5 cm

    (source: gallery nils staerk)

    (via 3000km)


  5. YouTube error page


  6. SUBMISSION: Some random dark objects from my apartment.


  7. SUBMISSION: Traditional teahouse in Jiufen, Taiwan. Things needed for brewing a cup.


  8. rippedbackpocket:

    Arrives late October-ish to the Prince St store.

    Handmade in Sweden with one of the last “all veggie” tanneries in Scandinavia.

    Hermés buys their cow hide from these dudes, and so do we.

    Limited to 50 pcs each.

    (Get in line, blogger)

    (via modrockers)


  9. hotmayo72-deactivated20111223 said: I saw that someone posted that Things Organised Neatly was is the sunday hearald. I just wanted to let you know that you were also mentioned in the QWeekend Magazine from the Courier Mail in Brisbane!

    ed: Two of the biggest papers in the country, I’m told! If anyone is willing to send either of these to me in the US, I’ll send a print to you!


  10. SUBMISSION: “A Well Balanced Meal”


  11. SUBMISSION: "Timbuktu Door" 

    From What Possessed Me


  12. SUBMISSION: As I was cleaning the studio one day around mid-semester I found a nike shoe box hidden away at the bottom of one of the shelves. When I opened the box I found that it was full of previously-sent stamps. I investigated to find the source of this massive collection (10,000+), but could find no one the wiser — I had developed and was convinced of a theory that the coordinator of my program had planted them there hoping someone would find the box and make it into a project. But I knew once I opened the box that I had to do something with these stamps. One by one I sorted them by hand, grouping them together — the whole time building the framework for a functional taxonomy of this stamp collection. Once organized I scanned each group on a 11x17 flatbed scanner, often requiring up to 8 scans per variety. This made it much easier for me to compile all of the stamps into one single image. My goal is to cut each stamp out individually from the group scans, meta tag them, and use Microsoft’s Pivot platform to allow users to navigate the collection using my taxonomy.



  14. SUBMISSION: 1950s Grocery Blocks by Suzanna Scott


  15. SUBMISSION: Skittle rainbow

    ED: Who’s hiring this [person]?