1. SUBMISSION: main parts of my dad’s Unitra WSH-111 amplifier


  2. SUBMISSION: bing carbutator. bmw motorcycle


  3. SUBMISSION: This is all my gear for one of my passions, running.

    Greetings from http://foodnco.tumblr.com :)


  4. SUBMISSION: Dining aldesko


  5. ed: If you’re in the Ohio area, you should come to Dayton tomorrow night for the First Friday gallery crawl. I’ll have work up at Press coffee bar, which will be up all of October. My first solo show. Not T.O.N.-related work, but it’s a big deal for me.


  6. SUBMISSION: My Five + 1 by Danny Demers of OTH Shop


  7. from Yanko Design. 


  8. From Bianca Chang's process (via Visuelle)


  9. SUBMISSION: Design In Progress - Official Poster for the 9th SIM-RMIT Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) Graduation Showcase.

    ed: Looks really nice. I like the human element. 


  10. SUBMISSION: Packing list for a weekend junket. 



  12. (Source: viewmoreco)


  13. SUBMISSION: White on Rice

    By Teresa VanHatten-Granath

    ed: Good title.



  15. ed: Still a little bit of summer left in this part of the world.

    (via withcrookedfeathers-deactivated)