1. ed: Scan of The Sydney Morning Herald I was in.

    Thanks to Campbell, Yvonne, and everyone who sent this in. Special thank you to JL. Message me! 

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  2. georgechamoun:

    Today I dissected a VCR.

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  3. SUBMISSION: Some of the things in my toolbox

    ed: I like that hammer paint job.

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  4. SUBMISSION: Headin’ home.

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  5. Anonymous asked: You were mentioned in the Good Weekend supplement to The Sydney Morning Herald

    COOL! Volunteers to send me a copy? I’ll send you lots of cards….


  6. SUBMISSION: By Katie West 


  7. SUBMISSION: My Things

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  9. Adam Wollenberg

    ed: I really want him to turn some of this series into prints.

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  10. SUBMISSION: Field Engineer’s handtool box



  12. About 27:30 into Pixar’s The Incredibles.


  13. SUBMISSION: the on-location tool bag of an MKG designer

    ed: That was awesome.. I was wondering, What’s MKG mean? Then I saw that the provided link was ThisIsMKG.com.



  15. ed: You have to click this photo.