2. amandajas said: really great pieces at PRESS, glad you swooped by and had a show there. congrats on your first solo show. (i hope there's more to come!)

    ed: THANK YOU! Yes I definitely intend on making more prints and work.


  3. Jim Dine, Five Paintbrushes, 1973. 


  4. SUBMISSION: Composition of parts from the classic games Tic Tac Toc and Tiddly-Winks.

    (Source: francagarrels.nl)


  5. ed: Photo from my friends at Best Made Company’s Axe Care Kit. See also their tumblr.


  6. "Balloon Square" oil painting on scrap sheet copper by Michael Fitts



  8. Our fall design issue’s twist on our trademark “T” comes courtesy of the bobo chic Parisian tableware company Astier de Villatte.



    Paper and Pencil

    Separated pencil by sanding, grinding, filing ,and crushing and paper shredded into a fine dust


  10. SUBMISSION: Organised chinese snacking


  11. SUBMISSION: nectarines organized to fill nicely in our tart




  13. Airwicks (2010)

    SUBMISSION: Emerging London artist Russell Hill definitely likes Things Organised Neatly.


  14. SUBMISSION: main parts of my dad’s Unitra WSH-111 amplifier


  15. SUBMISSION: bing carbutator. bmw motorcycle