1. Classic Videogame Systems by Jim Golden


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    Graphic Thought Facility

    We should be back to regularly scheduled content now.

    Happy April 1st, fools.

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  3. SUBMISSION: Matt James Stone. Forbidden fruit . 2012. 16” 8” 8” 


  4. Sam Kaplan



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    Jacques Tati par Yale Joel, 1958.

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  8. film still from, Everything is Illuminated


  9. SUBMISSION: Behind the scenes of chocolate covered banana popsicles / jasontravisphoto.com


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    ed: I posted this photo last summer, and someone sent it back with this red circle pointing out an imperfection!


  12. The Fourd Seasons, outside Alliance, NE

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  14. SUBMISSION: Things found under the sofa.


  15. GE Poster shot by Ed James for BBDO NY.