1. SUBMISSION: Japanese model Pentax K1000 with original JC Penny starter pack and lenses


  2. SUBMISSION: Medicine kit for Kilimanjaro trip


  3. SUBMISSION: Penguin Chicks at Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans


  4. SUBMISSION: Sunglasses and other necessary summer TRAGA stuff  http://issuu.com/gabrielacinkova/docs/fr_shooting_issuu


  5. A stall at the Stephansplatz Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria.


  6. SUBMISSION: The worst way to take an exam.



    Amsterdam overhead.

    Hikaru Funnell - Wandering Journal


  8. As seen on Craigslist Free Stuff


  9. catzandcunts:

    My Body, My Shrine by Project 104.



  11. Photography: Ania Wawrzkowicz

    Styling: Olivia Gregory (House&Garden Magazine) 

    (Source: thingsorganizedneatly)


  12. mitjaissick:

    John M. Armleder

    Untitled, 2008

    (via axe-adze)


  13. Ten years of washing machine artifacts found by a mother of 3 boys

  14. SUBMISSION: Barbara Hepworth’s tools at the Hepworth museum in Wakefield, Yorkshire. 



    sea stones from Crimea cost, sorted by size, form,color and pattern 

    by hosisterho