1. Still life from Apartamento magazine. See the full series here.



  3. Austin Radcliffe

    Archaeology Brushes Organized Neatly

    Texas, 2010

    One of the best summers of my life. This summer, too.



  5. SUBMISSION: Stuff on my desk


  6. thatgregorygirl:

    Things organized neatly: green things that I own.


  7. cinqfruits:

    Wood Supplies / Wood and Knife / April 2012


  8. bobbydoherty:

    Stocking Stuffers for New York Magazine


  9. Mitchell Feinberg for Wall Street Journal

    (Source: mitch.fr)



  11. New survival kit from my friends at Best Made Co.


  12. Artwork by June Glasson

    Nicolaysen Museum of Art

    Casper, WY


  13. jefclaes:


    000_ Jef


  14. SUBMISSION:  9 Wrenches, from the series One for sorrow; Two for joy, by Johanna Inman


  15. juneglasson:




    I just finished installing some new work in the Mary Durham Gallery at The Nicolaysen Art Museum in Casper, WY.  The show opens today and will be on view until September 21st.  

    Big thanks to the folks at Nicolaysen Museum and to The Andy Warhol Foundation for sponsoring the show.