1. SUBMISSION: Volusia County Fair. Florida. Fall 2013.

    editor: Epic!




  4. joneswilder:

    Collected Objects

    May 2014


  5. joneswilder:


    November 2013


  6. lostinpattern:

    Detail from an undulating wall made from over 40,000 wooden dowels.


    (via namashco)



  8. Adam Voorhes knife laurel. Read how he did it here.


  9. SocioDesign for Soap Industries


  10. Traditional tools used at the North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking, in Forth Worth.

    Mark Mahaney for the New York Times

    (Source: The New York Times)



  12. Christian Louboutin Fifi pump in 5 shades of nude, part of the "Rapid Response Collecting" exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

    Read more at Disegno & New York Times.



  14. SUBMISSION: Gentleman’s shirt dissected in window of British bespoke clothier, Turnbull & Asser - NYC location at E. 57th Street and Park Avenue. Spotted while speeding by in a cab - K. Emmons.


  15. (Source: studygeek, via vuls)