1. SUBMISSION: 2012 GT Zaskar. She needed an overhaul, this tickled my OCD.


  2. SUBMISSION: justinmrazikThe pieces and parts of Utensil I.


  3. SUBMISSION: Chainsaw Parts | The Art of Repair (Equipment Garage)



  5. Adrian Clement, Red Moncohrome is a site-specific installation of red clothing sourced from local charity stores and the winner of the Parlour Arts competition at Parlour Lane Roasters, Sydney CBD.

    ed: Really nice project, congrats!

    (Source: adrianclement)


  6. SUBMISSION:  white oak leaves in autumn (at stillblog.net by mary jo hoffman)


  7. SUBMISSION: I’m high maintenance, but I’m worth it.


  8. SUBMISSION: Volusia County Fair. Florida. Fall 2013.

    editor: Epic!




  11. joneswilder:

    Collected Objects

    May 2014


  12. joneswilder:


    November 2013


  13. lostinpattern:

    Detail from an undulating wall made from over 40,000 wooden dowels.


    (via namashco)



  15. Adam Voorhes knife laurel. Read how he did it here.